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Stay With Me (fiction)

Candy was in a bar. It was not her usual thing. She had somehow gotten conned into bringing her friend. And her “friend” had promptly hooked up with some guy, and bailed on her. She wanted to leave, but her pride wasn’t going to let her blow the money it cost for the cover charge.

Sammy Hagar’s, Mas Tequila came on. She just gave in to the moment, and went on the dance floor by herself. She lost herself in the music, and danced. She noticed a slim, red headed woman moving closer to her. She locked eyes with the red head. She forgot to breathe for a moment. What beautiful hazel eyes. And that smile…

The red head danced with her. Never breaking eye contact. Candy couldn’t have looked away if she wanted to. She was mesmerized. The fiery red curls looked like molten gold.

The song stopped, and some of the people drifted off the dance floor. Candy just stood there looking at woman in front of her. The DJ came on. He said, “I have a special request by my friend, Red. Here’s to you, and the lucky woman you’re with.”

Candy was shocked to see the red head smile widely at the DJ, and give him a thumbs up. Apparently the red head was known as Red. And she requested a song to be played for her. That song was Sam Smith’s, Stay With Me.

The music started. Red opened her arms. Candy stepped into them. She put her arms around Red’s neck. Red’s arms wrapped around Candy’s waist. They were pressed against each other.

Candy had never imagined how erotic it was to be dancing so closely with a woman. Her nipples hardened from rubbing against Red. She was aroused.

Red’s thumb rubbed against Candy’s nipple. Candy moaned. Her body was reacting in ways she never imagined. She had never been interested in sex before. She was still a virgin at 23. And she was beginning to understand why.

The song ended, and another slow song came on. It was Boyz II Men’s, I’ll Make Love To You. Candy looked into Red’s eyes. She could see the desire there. Candy put her hand on the side of Red’s face. She leaned in, and kissed Red. They stopped dancing, and kissed.

Candy was hesitant at first, she had never kissed a woman before. But none of it mattered. When their lips met, the world ceased to exist. The kiss became passionate.

The music ended. The DJ announced he was taking a quick break, and put on some techno music. Candy and Red stood there looking at each other. They had not spoken one word, but had just shared a rather hot, and steamy kiss.

Red finally spoke. She said, “Come on.” and grabbed Candy’s hand, and pulled her towards the door. They stepped out of the club. The air was hot, and heavy with humidity. Candy watched in fascination as Red’s curls seemed to spring up with the humidity.

Red self consciously touched her hair. She suddenly seemed shy. Candy reached her hand out, and tucked a curl behind Red’s ear. Red smiled. She laughed, and all at once, seemed at ease again.

“I guess we should introduce ourselves. My name is Melissa, but my friends call me Red.” She stuck her hand out. Candy looked at it for a second, then took it in hers. She didn’t shake it, she held it. She looked into Red’s eyes, and said, “My name is Candy, and unfortunately, it’s not a nick name.”

They stood there, looking into each others eyes. Neither seemed to know what to do next. They still had their hands clasped. Then they both spoke at the same time, and then laughed.

Candy said, “You go first.” Red suggested they walk towards the boardwalk, and stop in the one of the restaurants along the way. They started walking, and holding hands as they went.

In the space of an hour, Candy’s life changed. She didn’t know where things would go with Red, but a whole new world opened up for her. Things started to make sense to her. And she somehow knew she wasn’t going to be a virgin for much longer.


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