fiction, short story

The Last Dance (fiction)

Tanya felt out of place. She was one of the few white people at this wedding reception. Her tall husband stuck out even more than she did.

Tanya was there because her friend had just gotten married. The friend she had met online, and somehow managed to fall in love with. She was torn. She was happy to see him taking the next step in his life. She was happy to see just how happy he was. But at the same time, her heart ached. There would always be just a small part of her heart that wished it was her in his arms.

She watched them on the dance floor. She knew he introverted he was, and how he hated being the center of attention. But he was smiling down at his bride. His attention was on her, and her alone. His bride was gazing up at him with love in her eyes.

Tanya had to look away. She turned to her husband, and saw his blue eyes on her. She smiled at him. She reached out, and touched his face. She saw the love in his eyes for her.

Her husband had known about her feelings for the groom. He didn’t want to be there at all. He wanted to punch the groom in the face. But Tanya knew he was there because he loved her. He was there to be her support. He was also there to make sure the wedding happened, and the guy was not a threat.

Tanya stood up, and held her hand out to her husband. “Dance with me.” He shook his head. “Please. I need to hold you.” He stood up, reached for her hand, and led her to the dance floor.

She stepped into his arms, laid her head on his chest, and knew that all was right in the world. They sort of just swayed to the music together. She closed her eyes, and breathed in his scent.

The music changed. She looked up into her husband’s eyes, and saw him smile. She smiled back. He leaned down, and kissed her. Someone bumped into them, breaking the kiss. She laughed.

She happened to look across the dance floor. Her eyes met the groom’s eyes. For a moment, they held a glance. For a flash, he looked jealous. Then his bride said something to him, and he looked down at her.

Tanya looked back at her husband. He had witnessed the looks. He just gathered her closer. “You are mine, and I will love you forever.” At that moment, Tanya let go of any feelings she had for the groom. She would always love him as a friend, but that was all.

Tanya smiled. Her husband smiled back. “I think it’s time to go,” she said. “I needed to see this through, and I have. I want to go home.” The look of relief on her husband’s face was almost heartbreaking. She had put him through hell, and he still loved her. And that is what true love is about.


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