Be a fruit loop

I’m different. I always have been. I wished I was normal, but that wasn’t to be. I’ve always been fat. I’ve always been shy and introverted. And I was bisexual, even when I didn’t know that was a label for me.

I never followed trends. I chose to read about strong women in history. I chose to learn. I chose to embrace being different.

I am still different. But now, I’m learning to use my voice. There was a time I wouldn’t have said a word when I thought something was wrong. I am not that person anymore. I will speak up. It may get me in trouble, but I will say what I have to say.

There was a time when I got a little irritated thinking that gay people twisted something as pure as a rainbow. But as I’ve grown, and accepted myself, I have decided it’s the perfect symbol for the LGBT community. We make life interesting. We add color to the world. We are proof that life isn’t black and white.

I am me. I’ve had people try to tell me that I am not what I say I am. Their opinion doesn’t matter. My opinion of who I am is the only what that matters. And I am a good person. I make mistakes because I am not perfect. But when I love, I love hard. And it just so happens that I can love a male or a female.

In society, to fit in means to follow the norm. Everyone looks, and acts like everyone else. I always have been the oddball. And it suits me. I will never waste money on some expensive purse because it’s the “it” thing to have. I’d rather spend my money on rose bushes or books.

I am me. I am the quiet, yet colorful person you don’t know quite what to make of. I am the smart ass who makes people laugh by being myself. Some people won’t like me, and that’s ok with me. I don’t like everyone either. They do them, and I do me.



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