Speaking my mind

I speak my mind, and some people have a problem with that. But that’s just it, it’s their problem. I try not to be rude, but I will be blunt. You can’t please everyone, so there is no point in trying to.

Two years ago, I was afraid to like certain LGBT things on Facebook because I was afraid what my family and friends would think. But I’ve been out as bisexual for over a year now. I now post things I think people need to see. So they know that when they hate or discriminate, I am one of those people.

Who knows, maybe when I speak, people will actually listen. Maybe I can help someone else feel so not alone. Maybe they will know they have an ally when they need one. I believe God uses every day people. Maybe that is my purpose in life. I will speak my mind, even if I get put down for it. It took me a long time to learn how to stand up for myself, but now I stand up for others as well. I will not be silent to make someone else comfortable.


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