Kiss my ass

I used to work at Denny’s. The last time I worked there, I was on the 2-10 shift. Midnight shift rarely bothered to come in on time to relieve us. They’d would goof off, and hope we just turned over the tables we waited on to them so they could pick up the tips.This one girl named Kristen was really bad about that. She switched shifts, and went to 6-2. So my shift was her relief.

I was at a point when I had put my two weeks notice in. I went in on a Sunday, and I sat at the break table, and was talking to a waiter on his break. All of a sudden, Kristen comes back there. She started screaming at me (no exaggeration) telling me that I had to clock in.

I was so stunned, I didn’t say anything. I just looked at her in shock. She goes out the back door, and proceeds to scream at the manager, telling her that she needed to tell me to clock in.

Kristen comes back in, and starts yelling at me again. I stood up. I said, “Kristen, you can kiss my fat ass. I’m out of here.” And I left. I grabbed my purse, and walked out. Another waitress chased me down, and asked if I was leaving. I said, Yes, and kept on walking.

If Kristen had just had the courtesy to be polite, and say something like, “Hey, it’s 2, can you clock in?” I wouldn’t have had a problem with that. But the chick who never had the courtesy to be on time so I could leave, was not going to scream at me to clock in. She screwed herself, and everyone else, because no one else from my shift was there at that time.

A little courtesy goes a long way. And rudeness will just piss me off. I had nothing to lose by walking out. I was leaving anyway. The funny thing was, years later, I ran into a former co worker from there. He was still laughing about me telling her to kiss my ass. That was certainly a memorable exit for me.


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