I found myself watching this video several times in a row. I finally realized it was because I was crushing on vintage Joan Jett. I was once asked what type of woman I was attracted to, and I didn’t really know how to answer. I think I do now.

I’m attracted to the in between type of women. I don’t go for the stud/butch type. If I wanted masculine, I’d probably go with a man. I like looking at pretty women, but I’m not attracted to the frilly, femme type.

I like women who are strong, and act/look like they can handle anything. The Joan Jett in this video fits that description. It’s not really a body type thing, the attraction is more personality wise. Although I have say, Joan Jett has a nice ass in this video. Lol.

I’m a strong woman, who has some weak moments. I tend to be attracted to strong personalities. A wimp could not handle me. I want someone who can give as good as they take. I want a woman who is a protector.

I guess I do know my type now. And I know where my preference came from. For the rest of my life, I wonder how different things would have been if I had met her earlier in my life. I will never know that. Oh, well.


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