I miss NFL season

I miss football season. I miss the excitement of watching games. I miss the camaraderie with fellow Dolphins fans on Twitter.  I miss having something to look forward to on weekends.

I’m excited for football season this year. My team, the Miami Dolphins, will be playing the NFC east division. They will be playing in New Jersey, Washington DC and in Philadelphia.

I know for sure that we are going to the MetlifeTakeover in NJ for the Jets game. We have gone for the past two years with the group, DolfansNYC. We had so much fun. The first year, there were around 750 of us Dolfans in area. In 2014. there were 1,100. Both years, the players made comments about hearing us. And we could be heard on national tv too.

We are also going to try to go to the Washington, DC game. Another Dolfans group is planning a takeover there too. I’m excited. That one is closer to home too.

I want to go to the Philadelphia game, but that is highly unlikely. I don’t think we can afford all three games. Plus, I hear too many bad things about Eagles fans to feel comfortable going there. But, we’ll see.

Ugh, we still have five more months before preseason even gets here. Such a long wait…

P.S. if you happen to be a Dolphins fan in the northeast, check out the website http://www.DolfansNYC.com for info on the Jets game. It is a blast being with so many fellow fans.


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