Love is energy

It’s amazing how many forms love can take. In the past two years, I have loved several people I wouldn’t have expected to. I fell in love with a friend I met online. We went from strangers to acquaintances. Acquaintances to friends. Then friends who fell in love. Friends who fell out of love. And now we’re friends with a twist.

I love him as a friend, but because I was in love with him, it’s just a little complicated. I am not in love with him anymore. I no longer long to be with him, or picture us together. But, I will always love him as a friend. And in that regard, I want him to be happy and I care about him, and what’s going on in his life.

It’s been a rather weird, and wild experience. And it was rather exciting at times too. It makes me think of the high school type romance I never had in school. Full of drama, and tears.

Falling in love with my husband was a completely different experience. It was like finding a bed all made up, and when you crawled in, it was perfect. Comfortable, and fit all your needs. And keep in mind, the bed is where plenty of exciting things happen too.

David fits me in every way imaginable. We share the same values, and beliefs. Our backgrounds are similar. We share the same sense of humor. I love flirting with him too.

Our love has changed over the years. It’s gotten stronger. When you survive tough times, you either give in and give up. Or you hold on to each other, and get stronger. We have gone through things that could have torn us apart, but we made it through together.

Love changes all the time. People grow together, or they can grow apart. Friends can become something more. Lovers can become strangers.

I am fortunate that I have known so many types of love. I’ve had romantic love. I have the forever kind of love. I’ve had the platonic love of a friend. I’ve even loved a few women. I’m grateful for every person I have loved. They have all taught me something different. Love is so important, try to put more of it out there. You might surprised what you get back.


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