Needed changes

This year has brought some changes to my life. I got another job. Leaving my old one was a relief. It was a toxic environment that I needed to get out of. I literally felt dread every time I had to go in.

My husband has switched to 4-12 shift, and his entire attitude has changed. He’s away from the guy who has been harassing/stalking him. Even after working 6 straight days, and an 8 hour shift, he literally bounced into the house last night.

He’s obviously happier with the switch. And that makes me happy. We’ve had sex two days in a row, and that was close to impossible in the past few months. And that improves my state of mind. Things are looking up.

My job is more physically demanding, but the work environment is better. We get our scheduled breaks. We get the hours that we’re scheduled. And the biggest plus of all is not having to deal with rampant nepotism. No general manager having all three of her stupid kids working there. No assistant manager’s son thinking he can do what he likes because Mommy is a manager.

Another good thing is that I have finally let go of feelings I didn’t need to be having. It’s actually a relief to me. It’s a huge relief to my husband. That makes him happier too.

David and I are both happier. No more feeling like we’re in an endless pit of hopelessness. And having sex again improves both of moods. The past two years have been difficult for various reasons, but life is looking better. David and I are reconnecting again. And that is the best thing we can do for each other.

David and I have been together for 22 years now. We’ve been through bad times and good times, and we’ve survived. One thing is constant, and that is change. Nothing stays the same. But once you’ve survived the bad things, you appreciate the good times even more. Right now, the changes we are experiencing are the good ones. And I am so grateful for that.


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