Out and proud?

I’m bisexual, and I’m out. But I kind of don’t get the being “proud” about it. It’s a part of me that can’t be changed, like eye color. I’m not ashamed that I’m bi, God made me this way.

I guess the pride comes from being able to accept myself, and admit it to other people. I’m done hiding from myself. It took me 46 years to accept that truth. But I did accept it. Some people never do.

I’m not going to lie. I wish I wasn’t bi. It does cause conflicts in my marriage. The desire to be with a woman, but stay faithful to my husband is a struggle.

The fact that it took me so long to accept it is a problem. I didn’t know I was bi when I was younger, and single. After 20 years of marriage, I changed the dynamics.  But we’re dealing with it.

I’m proud that I can finally see who I am, and accept it. I’m still not sure that a sexuality is a source of pride though. Im still learning.


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