Puzzle piece

Whether we know it or not, we are a piece of someone else’s puzzle. We may never be aware of it, but we effect other people. Sometimes it’s a big thing, and sometimes it’s something small.

My brother met his wife through me. They had five boys. My nephews wouldn’t exist without the introduction of their parents.

At work one night, I snapped at the hostess about her helping the servers out because it was busy. The guy she was talking to left the restaurant. He was just a few miles down the road, when a car hit his motorcycle and killed him. Would he still be alive today if he had left a few minutes later?

Would I have left Miami if I hadn’t had the stalker? I wouldn’t have met my husband if I hadn’t left Miami. What if I had stayed, and met someone completely different there?

How different would my life be if I hadn’t met J? Would I have discovered the truth about myself without his influence? Would he have asked his girlfriend out?

I’ve had so many people come, and go in my life. Some were very good influences. Some showed me how awful people can be. But they all played a part in my life. They are all interconnected somehow. I’ve played a part in so many lives too. Hopefully it’s been mostly good, but I know I’ve done some things I shouldn’t have.

It’s amazing to think how different my life would be if just one or two people hadn’t entered it. Life is funny, and it’s amazing the influence we have on other people. Just make sure that you’re one of the good ones.


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