Laugh together. 

This was a conversation between me and husband. We were discussing when I was going to start cooking dinner. 

I love that he has the same crazy sense of humor that I do. 🙂  It makes life so much more interesting and fun. He makes me laugh all the time. 

He also frustrates me, and makes me angry. But it all balances out because we can make each other laugh. 

There are so many things you should look for in a spouse, and I think humor should be at the top of the list. If you can laugh together, you can survive almost anything. 


3 thoughts on “Laugh together. 

  1. Heather and I are always laughing with or at each other. We’ve known each other for 37 years and been married for 30. She fell in love with my sense of humor and I fell in love with her laughter.

    The best part is that we passed those traits on to our five kids. We are a fun loving family. Sometimes, it’s all that keeps us sane and together.

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