It hurts when you get dismissed from someone’s life. You thought you meant something to them. You thought they cared about you. 

But one day, they just quit talking to you. The person you spent hours talking to every day turns their back on you.

You wonder what you did that was so bad. You wonder how they can be so cold hearted. 

I quit talking to someone because I’ve been ignored. If they can’t respond to me, I just give up. I have more self respect than to chase someone who can’t be bothered to talk to me. I miss them, but I’m not going to force someone to pay attention to me. 

I get tired of fighting to hold on someone who has already let go of me. Modern technology makes it so easy to keep in touch, but they literally cannot be bothered to say hello. 

I usually respond to the messages I get. Sometimes I don’t, because some people need the last word and it’s easier to let them have it. Sometimes I ignore people who passed politeness and went straight to crude. But I don’t ignore friends. 

I take my cues from the people I interact with.  If I get ignored, I quit talking. I’m not going to talk to myself. 

I like to talk to people. I don’t like feeling hurt because they can’t be bothered to even be polite. I know it’s the Internet, but politeness still counts to me.  Especially when you know they have that phone on them all the time. 

Oh, well. I try. They don’t. I give up. So if you ask yourself why I’m being distant, it’s for my own protection.  


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