My voice

I’ve been told I that I need my life validated by social media. Just because I use my voice, and I talk about things that concern me. No one said that everyone has to like it. There is always a choice to mute, unfollow or block. I’m not making anyone pay attention to me.

Speak up, you never know who you might be inspiring. I’m not in the closet anymore. I don’t care what people think about me being bisexual. And it’s cost me friends, and I’ve had relatives say/do hurtful things.

I am me, nothing or no one is going to change that. I am not going to deny who I am to make anyone else comfortable. I don’t run around waving a flag, but I am not going to stay silent either. I have a purpose in life, and that’s to be me. And I will never be a docile, submissive person.

Only an insecure person would expect someone else to change just to please them. Life doesn’t work that way. The truth will come out eventually.

I am a force of nature, and can’t be controlled. The best you can do is prepare for the storm, and ride it out.

I actually tried to change who I am for someone else. I couldn’t do it. I won’t do it. I love my husband, and I respect him. I take his feelings into consideration, but he doesn’t control me. He never has. He will never get involved in the LGBT cause, because that isn’t him. But he doesn’t have a problem with me being me.

I am only one person, and my voice is small. But maybe I speak a truth that someone needs to hear. I won’t be silent because some people think I should be.


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