Lost trust

Once you lose trust in someone, you never get it back completely again. Once you’ve accepted that someone lied to you repeatedly, you don’t trust anything they say. You feel like a fool for ever believing them in the first place. 

I had to accept that I was an idiot. I had been lied to the entire time, and I accepted the lies. Well, I finally woke up. I accept that I was a fool. But no longer. That is in the past. I will never be that trusting again. 

He took something away from me. He abused my trust. I wanted to believe. Now, I just have the realization that I was an idiot for believing. 

My feelings were real. I didn’t pretend or lie. I never presented myself as someone I’m not. I don’t know why he did the things he did. I still believe he loves/loved me but why wouldn’t he send one picture? 

He lives 165 miles from me, but wouldn’t even meet me halfway to just have lunch. Nothing else, just to sit together and talk. I don’t know his reasons. When I’ve asked, all I get is an “I don’t know”. 

Oh well, lessons learned I suppose. I won’t be so trusting again. I can live with my actions. I wonder how he lives with his.  


2 thoughts on “Lost trust

    • I talked to him for 2 years. And the conversations were 2-4 hours long most nights at first. He kept saying he’d send a picture but never did. But he sent me one of his girlfriend. Wth?

      It honestly never did matter what he looks like, I fell for his personality. It bothers me that he doesn’t have enough respect for me to honor a simple promise that he made.


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