Worth loving

There have been many times I wondered why I had to fall in love with J. It was obvious that we were never meant to be a couple. But I do know that it was meant to happen. I needed him, but he needed me to tell him that his person was out there. And that he would find her when the time was right.

I was right. I wasn’t expecting it to happen quite so soon after I told him that, but it did happen. He found his person, and she is his soul mate.

He needed my crazy ass to make him believe that it was possible. I’m glad I was right. He is happier than I’ve ever known him to be.

It’s been a really wild ride. But we both got off of that roller coaster. Life is better, and more calm. We were both changed by it. I can never regret that it happened. I can smile about it now. I’m happy for him.

I’m kind of glad that I was helpful to him. I was a part of him getting ready for the one he was meant for. I will always love him as a friend, but at one point in time, I needed to be in love with him. For both our sakes, I’m glad that part is done. Life goes on.


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