When I look at my husband’s face, I see the wrinkles. I see the nose that looks more like his mom’s with every passing year. I see his sky blue eyes. And I see his smile.

I love watching his face brighten up when he spots me unexpectedly. I see the love in his eyes. His smile makes me smile. I love making him laugh, it’s music to my ears. 🙂

I know that in the past 18 months, I wanted something I couldn’t have. But it never stopped me from wanting what I have. And I’m so glad that I didn’t lose it because I was being foolish. I’m glad I have a strong man in my life. I am so fortunate that he is mine. And it’s even better knowing that he is mine. I’ve never once had to doubt that.

Loving the wrong person can hurt. But there is no better blessing than loving your soul mate, and having them love you back. And I see that love every time I see him smile.


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