Not graceful

I have all the grace of a newborn giraffe. When I was in college, I went to services at our main chapel. I went with two of my friends, Brian and Wayne. The chapel has wood floors, and theater type flip up seats.

We were all sitting down after a prayer. I put my hand on the seat to push it down. My heel slipped on the floor. My hand came off the seat just as I was sitting down. The seat flipped up, and I landed on the floor. I sat there for a second, because I was stunned.

Then I burst out laughing because it was so stupid. My friends were so concerned about me, asking if I was ok. I just sat there, laughing. I assured them I was ok, and finally got off the floor.

There was one college official who happened to witness that, and reminded me of it every time he saw me after that. Almost 30 years later, it still makes me laugh because it was pretty hysterical. It’s better to laugh, than it is to take it to heart and be embarrassed.


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