A new chapter

I start a new chapter in my life today. I got another job. Two of my former bosses/friends work there, so at least I’ll have some familiar faces.

I went into my former job last night, I was scheduled to work 4-10. They cut me back to two days a week in December. When I looked at next week’s schedule, I had no hours at all. So I told the manager that I guessed that would be my last night there, she told me to go home.

So, I’m not sure if I quit, or was fired. Either way, I’m out of that toxic place. No more dealing with managers who favor their own kids. It’s both a relief, and a source of stress. I have been wanting to get out of there, but it’s always been my back up. But now I know I can never go back there again.

God literally provides right when you need something at times. I had my interview on Friday, the 13th, and I was told to come in for orientation on Sunday. Then on Saturday, my old job was gone. So, no more hanging on to that. I originally started there in 1997, and worked there on and off for years. So no more having that as a back up.

My life is changing yet again. I had to shed the familiar, and do something new. I have let go of feelings I didn’t need to be having about someone else. Changes are happening. And they’re good ones. I need them. I’m nervous. I don’t like change. But it’s either change, or die. And I’m not quite ready to kick the bucket yet.


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