Just a game

I don’t know what your game was. I don’t know why you had to lie to me. I don’t know why you had to put me through all of those emotions. 

You played me, and I don’t even know why. The funny thing is that I never doubted that you love me. I still don’t. But why play games? 

Why couldn’t you respect me enough to keep a simple promise of sending me a picture? You’d think that after two years, I could get at least that much from you. 

You asked me once if I’d come to your wedding. Why would I attend the wedding of someone I couldn’t even pick out of a crowd? 

You said you had no reason to play me, but you did it anyway. I never hit on you. I didn’t flirt with you when we were just friends. I didn’t lie to you to mess with your emotions. 

I really don’t care what you look like because I’m almost positive you’ll never put the effort into meeting me. My issue is that you lied. You made up excuses. You couldn’t be bothered. 

Two damn years, and you couldn’t be bothered to send a picture of yourself. It makes no sense to me. 

Does it ever bother you how much you’ve lied to me? I’m sure it doesn’t, because in your mind, you’re always right. 

I was in love with you.  I risked my marriage to a good man for you. And you couldn’t even be bothered to keep one simple little promise. Nice to know how little I mattered to you. 

I hope you keep your promises to her, because you couldn’t keep them for me. Live and learn. I will always love you. I’ll be grateful for the influence you had to my life. I’m glad I had the smiles, and the laughs. But one thing I’ll never have is the memory of your smile, because I’ve never seen it. 


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