Can’t be together

Spoiler alert for Call the Midwife



I’m crying again. Another emotional episode of Call the Midwife. It’s set in the East End of London in the late 50s, early 60s. There has been a running storyline of a pair of lesbians. One is a midwife, and the other a nurse.

In this episode, they decided to get a flat together. They could finally find a way to be together. But on their first day with the place, Delia gets hit by a car. She lost her memory, and didn’t know who Patsy was. How heartbreaking.

I can’t imagine loving someone that much, and not being able to be together. And that’s kind of odd, because for over 18 months, I was in love with someone I couldn’t be with. But I always knew that was never a possibility.

So was I ever really in love with him? Or was I in love with the idea of him? I know I love him, that won’t change. But the being “in love” part is gone for good. And things are better that way. I can let go of the hurt and resentment.

But back to the storyline. I can’t imagine how hard it was for same sex couples then. Just recently, a lesbian friend was saying how she doesn’t want to hold her girlfriend’s hand in public because of people. And it’s 55 years in the future from when that episode was set.

I would hope that if I ever was in love with a female, and the feelings were returned, that we could live openly. That’s a very hypothetical situation, because I’m married to my husband. But still…I’m one of those people who are affectionate. I like random hugs, and kisses. And the occasional ass grab in public. I wouldn’t want to feel hampered because public attitude gets in the way.

I wish everyone could just be with the person they want to be with, and be able to live in peace. Maybe some day that will happen.


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