You know what? I’m sexy. I’m 47, and overweight, but I’m still sexy as hell. You know how I know this? Because I’ve had several people tell me that.

Sexy isn’t about appearance. It’s about attitude, and personality. And I attract people, men and women. I’ve had some very different men flirting with me in the last days. I didn’t approach them, they came to me.

I don’t really care if people think that way about me. I’m good with who I am. I’ve been thinking about the female lover thing recently, and wondering if a woman would even find me attractive. I’ve had at least one female tell me that she did.

I am more attracted to personality than I am to looks. To me, nothing is more attractive than someone who can carry on a good conversation, and make me laugh. If a person has a good body, and no brains, I really don’t want to be around them. There isn’t anything to look at in the dark, now is there?

I’m not classically beautiful. I never have been, and I never will be. But I have a personality that draws people in. I can make a man smile, and make him hard. Lol, I can make a woman smile, but I have no idea if I can turn one on. Maybe I’ll find out some day.

I have a lot to offer. But, not everyone goes for personality like I do, and they only see the body. That’s their loss. I’m funny. I’m fun. I like to please. I enjoy touching. I enjoy massaging. I enjoy making my partner climax.

I refuse to sell myself short anymore. I know men want me. I’ve been told they think about me when they take care of themselves. Just because I’m not what the media and society has decided is beautiful, doesn’t mean that I’m not. I’m open, I’m honest, and I enjoy life. I enjoy the sensual pleasures in life. I enjoy a blow job just as much as I enjoy licking an ice cream cone.

My self esteem is not tied up in who wants to have sex with me. It’s irrelevant. I am who I am. And I am sexy. I may not be able to do gymnastics in the bedroom, but I can sure rock someone’s world.


4 thoughts on “Sexy

    • Lol. I’m just tired of society pushing things on us, when the average person doesn’t even think that it’s sexy. And I’ve had enough guys hit on me to know that they think I am.

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  1. I’m pretty sure I could have written this same exact post!! I am totally in the same boat as you are. I am overweight but I think my personality attracts people for sure because I get hit on quite a bit too 😉 Confidence is everything right? We are all beautiful in our own way!

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    • I just find it kind of funny how I am not considered attractive according to the media, but I have never had a problem attracting men. And more than one of them to the point of obsession. I think it’s because I’m not fake, and I know how to laugh and enjoy things.

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