A memory trigger

This song was released in 1981. I remember it was played often on the radio in Miami. I remember going to Miami Beach the day before Easter with my sister, Donna, and her boyfriend, Richard. This song was playing on our way to the beach.

We were on the beach just relaxing, and I noticed this guy in the water, and he seemed to be in trouble. I said something to Richard, and he headed to the water. There was a life guard nearby, but he was too busy flirting with a girl to be paying attention to swimmers.

I ran to the life guard and pointed out the guy in the water. By then, Richard was halfway out to the guy. The life guard finally moved, and headed out. Richard got the guy mostly to the shore, and the life guard took over. He tried CPR. Poor Richard got back on shore, and barfed. They got the guy to the hospital, but I think he didn’t make it.

This song is silly. It’s a novelty song. But it brings back some pretty powerful memories. It’s amazing what triggers memories of certain things.


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