Self image

It’s a weird thing to know that you can arouse someone, but you don’t actually feel “pretty”. I know I can turn my husband on, I get proof of that all the time. I know I can turn others on with my voice, and my words. I’ve been told that I’m attractive, but I don’t feel that way. I feel like everything about me is short and stubby.

David and I crawled under the covers this afternoon to take a nap. I accidentally kicked him. That got me thinking about feet. I don’t have pretty feet, I have Flintstone feet. That actually made me sad, and I cried. What a stupid thing to cry about.

I was told by one person, that I was the only person other than their spouse, who captured their eye and their mind. I loved hearing that. That compliment impressed me.

I’ve been told that I’m beautiful, and sexy. And I don’t believe it. I’m not ugly by any means. But I see the freckles, the wrinkles, and the grey hair. On the flip side of things, I don’t care how people see me. I dress for comfort, not to impress (good thing too on my budget).

Once again, I start writing because something triggers a thought, but I have no idea where I’m going with it. I know that appearance ultimately means nothing. I like to think that I have a beautiful heart, and that’s what does count.


One thought on “Self image

  1. If only one person tells you that you’re beautiful and sexy, eh, ya might have reason to doubt it based on your view of yourself; if more than one person is telling you that, hmm, either they’re blowing smoke up your ass or they’re merely telling you what they see – and I’m not talking about just on the outside.

    Beauty is only skin deep, after all. What I know is that if you (or anyone) keeps believing that they’re not what other people are seeing, you’re not helping yourself. Doesn’t mean you have to turn around and start being some kind of diva… but all those people can’t be wrong or otherwise yanking your chain.

    We – humans – have this bad habit of eating with our eyes but some of us are quite capable of seeing with better eyes – and you have to see yourself with better eyes…


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