Love big

We are brought up to believe that for every female, there’s a Prince Charming. Sometimes the Prince Charming is a princess instead. Sometimes you love more than one person. Love is love, and it appears in the most unexpected ways.

I have my soul mate. He’s been my husband for 21 years now. He is perfect for me. And I love him dearly. You literally cannot imagine the shock I felt when I realized I fell in love with another man as well.

I love two men. One is my soul mate, and we are meant for each. He’s the other half to my soul. I can’t explain how I could have developed feelings for someone else, but I did.

I love a man much younger than I am, and of a different race. Neither of those facts matter. What does matter is that we weren’t meant to be a couple. Even if we were both single (and we aren’t) we wouldn’t work as a couple. I was meant to fall in love with him. I do believe that was fate. We both needed it to happen for different reason.

We are told it isn’t possible to love two people. I can tell you that it’s entirely possible, I’m living it. I honestly don’t believe that you can love them equally though. For some people, polyamory works, but I don’t think it would for me.

So I love a second man. I know there is no way a romantic relationship is possible, and I’m good with that. I’m good with the fact he found his own soul mate. She’s good for him. She makes him happy, and I know I could never do that.

I’m in love with my husband, and with my friend. I’m repeating myself again. I’ve been over this so many times. But my point is that we will love who we love. It could be more than one person at a time. It could be someone of the same sex. Maybe you’re lucky, and the person you love is your soul mate, and you get your happily ever after. Maybe your friendship evolved into something much deeper. You love your friend, but you’re in love with them too. Maybe the love you have is the love of epic romantic tragedies, forever in your heart, but never in your arms. You have to love them from a distance, and watch them love someone else.

I love my husband. He makes me smile. He makes me laugh. He makes me feel very well loved, and cherished. I love my friend, who makes me laugh & smile, but I can’t ever hold him in my arms. I don’t know why God made this happen. I know it was meant to happen.

I was meant to love two men. But I am only meant to be with one of them. It hurts sometimes, but mostly I’m happy for him. It hurts my husband that I do love someone else. I’ve tried not to, but you can’t just turn off feelings. My husband has made an uneasy peace with it. He hates it, but because he loves me, he deals with it the best that he can.

I can’t speak for the other man. He loves his girlfriend, and they have a good future ahead of them. She compliments him perfectly. I know he loves me, but I think the feelings will fade over time, although they won’t disappear.

Society tells us we can only love person, but that isn’t true. You are truly blessed if you find your soul mate, and can share your life with only them. But sometimes you love more than you ever thought possible. Life is so funny, and unpredictable. Just accept love where you find it. It doesn’t help to try to fight it. You can accept, and embrace the love, even if you can’t be with that person. Just love who you are going to love. Don’t let society tell you that you can’t. Age, sex, gender, height, weight, race…none of that really matters. Do what is best for you. And sometimes, loving them and walking away is the best thing. The world needs more love, so open your heart and just let it happen.


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