Just my opinion about tattoos

I don’t have any tattoos. There are times I wish I could get a lightning bolt to cover up an inch long burn scar I have on my arm, or just a small red dragon holding a rose. But I don’t for several reasons. I don’t want to spend the money, I don’t like pain, I wouldn’t be able to give blood for a year, and my husband hates them.

This post is courtesy of a picture I saw posted on Twitter. It was off a topless woman covered in tattoos everywhere but her breasts. I’m bi, and I happen to like looking at topless women. But that woman did nothing for me. I might as well as have been looking at art painted on a wall.

I don’t have anything against tattoos. I grew up with my dad having a big one on his arm. I never thought anything about them. I just assumed most men had them.

Some tattoos are beautiful pieces of art. Some are ugly, and they make me wonder why people do that to themselves. I think I have a touch of OCD, because big tattoos only on one side of the body makes a person seem lopsided. And that bothers me.

I honestly don’t get the obsession with being covered in them either. That’s just my opinion. It’s not my body to dictate what is done to it, I just know I wouldn’t.

So, anyway, some tattoos are gorgeous. They add to a person’s personality. Some tattoos are so ugly, they’re distracting. They also make me wonder about a person’s common sense. Like why would you mar yourself with something that hideous, and permanent? (I worked with one girl who had Juggalette in huge letters on her arm)

I don’t have tattoos, it’s a personal choice. I have enough scars, and freckles that show I survived this life. But everyone has their own stories, and reasons why they do things. And maybe the reason was just because they wanted to. More power to them.


7 thoughts on “Just my opinion about tattoos

  1. Although I have a tattoo, I don’t necessarily like full-sleeves or those that cover the whole body. It’s also good to embrace our other, “natural” physical features, like freckles and moles. Well said! 🙂

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  2. Once upon a time, when my youngest son came home on his first leave after enlisting in the Navy, the boy came home with tattoos that he didn’t have before he enlisted. I was kinda shocked at first but they were really nice and, as he explained to me, reflected things that reflected his inner self.

    I kidded him about them but never fussed about it; when he suggested that I get a tat I said, “Nope! Ain’t gonna happen!”

    Today, I have 14 of them, 7 on the left, 7 on the right. The kid was right about a few things, like, how my ink reflects my inner self and, yeah, while getting one can hurt like a bitch (like the two I have on my chest – I wanted to kill the artist), there’s also an endorphin rush that’s not as good as sex… but feels pretty damned good.

    And, yeah, one of my tats covers a mole I have on my right forearm, not because I wanted it covered up but because, well, that’s where the tat was and it was “in the way” – so it got inked, too.

    I get that people who won’t ever get one doesn’t understand it but a tat is personal and, yeah, one should think long and hard about what is going on their body and where it’s going because I’ve heard that it hurts even more to have one removed with lasers, which is why I don’t have names or stuff like that on me.


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