Sometimes you are just drawn to people. There is no explanation for it, it just happens. It could be a sexual attraction, or a mental attraction. It could be so strong it hits you like a baseball bat to the gut, or it just sneaks up on you, and catches you unaware.

I have experienced this a few times in my life. Sometimes it made sense. My husband was one of the pleasant surprises. I fell in love with him gradually, but I liked him right away. He just attracted me, both physically and mentally.

J was a surprise to me. He was just someone I tweeted to once in a while. Then, I was concerned about him, and started talking to him privately. I had no idea the effect he would have on my life. Unexpectedly, he drew me to him. We formed a bond that is stronger than friendship, but not as strong as the bond between soul mates.

K drew me in immediately. I loved talking to her. We shared a similar sense of humor. She was fun to joke with, and even flirt with. She decided to move on though. I miss her, but it is what it is.

T was a shock to me. I was pretty surprised to discover the person I thought was a man, turned out to be a woman. I was even more surprised when she flirted with me. She wasn’t serious about it. I think she was just testing her wings, and I was safe. T gave me plenty to think about. I’m glad she made her presence known. I have enjoyed our friendship. She is someone I certainly clicked with.

Sometimes you just meet people, and you click. There isn’t a reason for it, it just happens. Sometimes it does make sense, and sometimes it just leaves you in constant wonder. Just embrace those people, and let things unfold as they will.


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