Our house has spirits. I hate to use the term “haunted” because they aren’t evident all the time. Only twice have I felt uneasy with what I’ve experienced.

The first time was a few weeks ago. I was bed, and looked over to the side where my husband sleeps (I was alone at the time) There was the shadow figure of a man standing in front of the dresser.

The second time was today. I was laying in bed, fantasizing, and it felt like someone’s heavy hand on top of the covers touched my upper thigh. That weirded me out.

I’ve never felt scared before, but my sister in law was terrified. She was staying here, taking care of her mom, while we went away for a weekend. When we got home, she practically ran out of the house. She later called, and told me why. She was asleep in our bed, and she felt someone shaking her shoulders. When she woke up, there was no one there.

A few months after my mother in law died, I was sitting in the living room. I saw a figure with gray hair walk in front of the mirror in the hallway. I called out, and asked my husband if it was him. He said he hadn’t left the room. And the figure was actually moving towards the room he was in.

David said he has seen that figure a few times himself. He’s heard phantom noises that sounded like his mother.

I have smelled things that I know there was no reason why I should. I’ve smelled cigarettes (his dad died of lung cancer), flowers, pine (twice in the same day a few days ago) and yesterday, I smelled Sharpie markers.

I have heard my name called when I was home alone. When I’m in the living room, it sounds like a tennis ball hitting the floor. My childhood dog was obsessed with chasing balls, and would drive us all crazy with them.

David has said he’s seen several weird things in different places. I’ve had some odd experiences myself. Sometimes I wonder if certain people are magnets for that sort of stuff. As long as it’s not threatening, I guess we’ll deal with it.


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