It’s a good day so far…

I woke up, and decided to wake David up. So I gave him a blow job. Then we had sex. I jumped in the shower, and he went to get breakfast.

I’m feeling optimistic about the Miami Dolphins today. They can beat the Lions. They shut out the Chargers last week.

I’m not too thrilled that I have to go to work at 4 today, but at least I can watch most of the game. I just choose to be happy instead of grumpy.

I was talking to someone last night, and he said something that kind of upset me/made me sad. But then I had to remind myself that I had no right to feel that way. It’s hard letting go of emotions.

But today, I am tired, but content. I have a husband who loves me more than anything, and shows it on a regular basis. He makes me happy just by being him. ☺ It’s a good thing to put my focus back where it belongs.

I am blessed. There are many things I don’t have, but I have more than so many people have. I can live without a man in my life, but it’s so much better having one who completes me. One who makes me smile and laugh. It’s not just a good day, it’s a good life.


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