Fantasizing, we all do it. I do it on a daily basis. I admit that I masturbate, a lot. Most of the times, it’s made up scenarios in my head. Like mini movies involving other people. Sometimes I fantasize about me with certain people. Some fantasies I will never tell a living soul about.

What I find a bit unsettling, is knowing other people have masturbated thinking about me, or looking at my picture. I don’t think of myself as fantasy material. But I know that it’s happened.

I have already admitted I’ve had phone sex. I have gotten men off with my voice. That I can understand. Sound is a very powerful aphrodisiac. Some voices pack a powerful punch. I just don’t really think I’m the type to be the object of someone else’s fantasy.

I wonder how much of our opinions about ourselves would change if we could see ourselves through other peoples eyes. If we could see what attracts them to us. Would we play up those features? I don’t know. I’m just me. And apparently, I can turn some people on without trying.


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