Start Of Something Beautiful (fiction)

Rachel was in the club, surrounded by the pulsating dance music, and hot, sweaty people pretending to have a good time. Her best friend hooked up with some guy, and took off. Rachel wanted to leave, but she wasn’t sure if her friend went out for a quickie, or if she was gone for the night.

Some guy kept pestering her, asking her to dance. She had already told him no, twice. She was desperate to get rid of him. She looked around, trying to find a solution.

Rachel spotted a beautiful black woman sitting by herself. She looked almost as ill at ease as Rachel felt. Rachel did something she rarely ever did. She acted on impulse. She walked over to the woman, and sat down next to her. She got close, since it was so loud, and introduced herself.

“Look, you don’t know me, but I could use some help. This guy won’t leave me alone, and maybe if he thinks I’m with someone else, he will.” The woman looked at Rachel for a moment, not saying a word. Rachel felt like an idiot, and made a move to leave.

She felt a hand on her arm. “Don’t go, please. My name is Lena, and I don’t want to be here either. Just sit close to me, and talk to me.”

Rachel scooted closer to Lena. Their thighs were touching. Suddenly Rachel seemed to forget how to breathe. She leaned in, and smelled the musky rose scent Lena was wearing. She forgot to how speak at that moment. She looked at Lena, and noticed the smile on her face. Lena said, “I don’t bite. Not unless you want me to.”

Rachel had never had a physical reaction around another female before. She felt like she’d been zapped by a taser. She still couldn’t seem to speak. She looked into Lena’s brown eyes. Lena was smiling, and it crinkled the corners of her eyes. Then Lena shifted. She turned slightly, then leaned forward. Her hand came up, and cupped Rachel’s face.

Lena pulled Rachel’s face closer to hers. Their lips touched. Rachel felt like the taser shock had suddenly multiplied by 100. Her lips parted, their tongues met. She couldn’t resist bringing her hand up, and cupping Lena’s breast. She felt the nipple harden to her touch.

Time seemed to stop, and yet it felt like an eternity. Rachel couldn’t get enough. Lena’s hand slide beneath Rachel’s skirt, and touched her thigh. And then her hand moved higher. Lena’s hand slide under Rachel’s panties, and found the clit. Rachel thought she was going to explode.

Lena was kissing her, and fingering her at the same time. Rachel couldn’t think. She just shifted, and spread her legs to Lena’s inquisitive touch. Lena broke the kiss. She put her lips to Rachel’s ear. She told Rachel all the things she wanted to do with her. She continued to play with Rachel’s clit.

Then suddenly, Rachel came. She gasped, and orgasmed. She was shocked at herself. She had just been finger fucked by a woman, and orgasmed in public.

Lena removed her hand from underneath Rachel’s skirt. She smiled, said. “Think that will convince the guy you’re with me?” It took Rachel minute to even comprehend what Lena said. Then she looked at the bar. Several people had apparently been watching the entire thing.

She knew she should be embarrassed, but all she wanted to know is if it could ever happen again. She asked Lena for her number. “I’d like to see you again.” Lena smiled, “Honey, you will do more than just see me again. I think this is the start of something beautiful.”


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