I had an interesting day today. I got to talk to several friends. Rob/Kdaddy23 finally followed me back on Twitter. We had a nice long conversation that started in tweets, then went to direct messages when it got more personal.
It’s nice having someone to talk to who isn’t judgmental, and can offer you some good advice. It certainly doesn’t hurt that he is extremely interesting, and has some great stories to tell.
I’m grateful for Rob. He was a beacon in a very strange world for me. When I finally accepted that I was bi, I still had no clue about things. Rob has been great to interact with, and to ask questions. And he does give some great feedback. He also encouraged me to write/blog more.
It seems like most of the time I blog, it’s because I’ve been upset or feel the need to rant. But now, I’m just going to write when the mood hits me. I am writing for me after all.
We talk about all kinds of things. One of them was about being in a polyamorous relationship. I’ve mentioned before that I am attracted to a female friend. She joked around one day about being sister wives. And that made me start to think.
If it was her, I think I could be happy in a poly relationship. Because I love my husband, and I love her,I wouldn’t mind sharing them with each other. I am a selfish type person, and I don’t like to share, so that seems contradictory. But if jealousy wasn’t a problem, I could see that working. To me, it wouldn’t be about threesomes, but three people taking turns loving each other. And, yes, I know humans are more complicated than that, and it’s unlikely to ever really work. Yes, it’s a nice fantasy that will never happen. She deserves to be happy, and that probably wouldn’t work for her.
It’s nice to have someone to bounces ideas like that off of. It’s kind of interesting to hear how it could work, and why it might not work. I know that in my reality, it couldn’t happen, but it’s fun to imagine such a thing.
I talked to J here and there. Our conversations have gone from being hours every night to few sentences on most days. I know it’s for the best, but I do miss the conversations we used to have.
I talked to a young guy I meet here on WordPress. He’s also bi, and just needs to talk once in a while. I’m glad I can be there for him.
I talked to T for quite a while. I always enjoy talking to her. She is very interesting, and she makes me laugh. I was trying to talk to three people in direct messages as well as on Twitter. I got a little distracted, and didn’t say anything to her for about 5 minutes. She thought I got suspended from DMs again. I said, No, I was talking to the other people. She told me to go tell Matt hello, and she was going to go wash her car and left.
T honestly confuses the hell out of me. I always feel off balance, and like I’m not sure what to expect. We had a conversation recently, and we established that we’re just friends who happen to flirt with each other. Ok, that works for me. So I was a little taken aback by what seemed to be jealousy. Maybe I’m just imagining things, or maybe even hoping that she is jealous. I have no idea.
It’s odd how there are times when no one talks to me. Other times it seems like everyone wants to talk to me at the same time. I don’t get it. I enjoy talking to all of them. I can see that I’ll probably be having lots of conversations with Rob. He likes to talk as much as I do. And I love it when people answer back immediately instead of showing up once or twice an hour.
It’s been an interesting day on the friends front. I had several nice conversations. The only housework I managed to get done was laundry because I was so busy talking. But I enjoyed myself. ☺ Life is good.


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