Beautiful in my eyes

I love the Joshua Kadison song, Beautiful In My Eyes. It makes me think of K. She’s a beautiful woman, but she hasn’t learned to see herself that way. She’s so smart, and so funny. I love her for being her.

She is a great friend. She’s listened to my endless hours of drama, and never told me to suck it up or shut up. She is a beautiful soul. She attracts me, and has since I met her. I dumped the mutual acquaintance I met her through, because she became more important to me than he ever was. (And I was a bit obsessed with him for a while)

Because of her, I finally had to get a clue, and accept that I am bisexual. She literally forced me to question my sexuality. Maybe that’s an odd burden for someone to bear, but I am grateful for her. I love her, and she knows it. She’s gracious about it. She doesn’t feel the same, and that is ok. I’m blessed to have her as a good friend.

God puts special people in our paths, and I am so thankful that he gave me K. So, yes, this is a love song to a woman. She will always be beautiful to me. And I will always love her. I hope we can stay friends for a long time.


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