One adventure was a bust, but one more to go

I said that I wanted to try new things, and go on more adventures. I went out to dinner with my best friend, Don last night. Lol, I forgot I can’t take him out into public. He is so opposite of me. But he is an awesome friend.

We had an enjoyable dinner. I half watched the Heat game while we were talking. (Go Heat! Four straight finals!) We talked about several things, being bisexual, Michael Vick/dog fighting, people in our lives. I never know what to expect with him.

After we left there, I drove to the campgrounds by Dover Downs. The Nascar races are in town. But the campgrounds were dead. So we went to Walmart, and I drove him back home. And I sat there, and talked to him for hours.

So, things didn’t work out as planned. But I got out of the house, and at least I tried to do something different. Tonight, we’re supposed to go to Rehoboth Beach, and go to a gay bar. I’m not a bar person at all (and I’m the driver) and I never been in a gay bar. So, Don and I will be two bisexuals in a gay bar. He is hoping he will get hit on. I really doubt that I will get hit on. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t know if someone was flirting with me.

I don’t hang out with Don very often, so it’s fun when I do. yeah, I should probably be spending the time with my husband, but I’ve been feeling very restless lately. It’s better to take preventative measures to counteract the restlessness, than it is to repair to damages from things done when I’m bored.

So, I’m trying to do different things. Life is an adventure. I might as well experience it in person, and not behind a computer screen.


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