One of my flaws is that I cuss way too much. And I can do it in three languages. You know it’s pretty bad when a former sailor asks you to cut it out.

I don’t know why I do it. Sometimes saying “Don’t fuck it up” has a stronger impact than “Don’t mess things up”. Sometimes you just need that extra emphasis. But when you say it all the time, it kind of loses it’s punch anyway.

I try not to do it as much online. But in person, yeah, I use it way too often. When I was younger, I never cussed. I made the mistake of saying something to my mother when I was a teenager, and my dad smacked me on the leg. He hit me so hard, I had a hand print on my leg for days. (It was not part of a pattern. That was the only time I ever remember getting smacked/spanked at all)

But, working in restaurants made it easier to learn, and use such words. Being online hasn’t helped either. You get immune to the shock value of certain things when you’re exposed to them alot.

Sometimes, you just need say fuck it, and do what you want to anyway.



5 thoughts on “Cursing

  1. My youngest son is in the Navy and before he went in, if he cussed, he never let me hear it. When he came home on leave for the first time, wow, I really got to hear what it was like to cuss like a sailor!

    I try not to cuss but, like you said, sometimes, that’s the best way to communicate things – and it’s better when you have a couple of languages to choose from, too! Funny, though; whenever I cuss – even when I’m writing – I can “see” my mother frowning with disapproval – then I get over it because even being the strong Christian woman that she is, Mom can be… colorful and enough to make me blush.


  2. I am a sailor and I cuss like one too. I always have though. Playing sports, listening to it in my music, being a sailor. I never did in front of my parents but since I was in, it has no effect on them any more. I’ve actually become quite accustom to writing like I talk (unless in a formal setting like at work), so that shock value went away a LONG time ago. It drives a lot of people crazy but I honestly couldn’t give a shit anymore 🙂


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