Pet names

I hate being called things like hun, babe, sweetie, doll etc. And I know why. My first real job, there was this customer who said those all the time. And she said it in a very condescending voice. So they still bug me.

J called me babe & sweetheart. I told him to stop. I don’t want him calling me anything he uses for anyone else. He calls me hun when he wants to piss me off, because he knows it does.

J and I had a discussion about the pet name “baby”. He always refers to his girl friend as his baby or his girl. That’s his thing, fine. But to me, it feels like he’s declaring ownership. I had to admit that occasionally, my husband and I both use baby. But we never refer to each other to people that way. He calls me his wife, and I call him my husband when referring to him.

I’ve never been the type of person to go by nick names or pet names. And do not ever refer to me as ‘bae”. That crap ticks me off more than I can put into words. It’s not even a word.

I worked with this one person who called me “hun” several times. I asked her politely to stop doing it after each time. After the 10+ time, I said if she called me that again, I was filing a sexual harassment charge. That finally shut her up. I don’t care if that is your habit, if someone voices their dislike of it, respect them enough to quit doing it.

My basic attitude is: if you aren’t married to me or didn’t give birth to me, don’t get that familiar with me. You have no right to. Call me a bitch if you want to. I can accept that, because I am bitch. But I am not your baby, or your sweetheart.



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