30 things only introverts understand


30 things only introverts understand


4 thoughts on “30 things only introverts understand

  1. Thank God that I’m not that introverted! Compared to this list, I’m a wild man and ready for my straight jacket! I’d say, however, that if anyone find themselves really identifying with these 30 things, it’s time to wake up and join the rest of the world – be brave and unafraid and open your eyes; get yourself caught up before life leaves you in its dust as it passes you by.


      • Of course it’s hard – I used to be quite introverted and it took a massive effort of will to get more in the middle; not completely introverted but not a total extrovert. Is it possible? Sure it is! Is it easy? Hell, no! But it begins with a question: “What’s missing from my life and why have I missed stuff?” Then it continues with a solemn vow to yourself to get out of your shell, maybe not all at one time, but you know that you have to do it if you don’t want to miss anything else.

        The it’s time to work, and it will be hard and scary but if the thought of being alone even when you’re surrounded by people is bothersome to you – and that’s because people just look right through you as if you weren’t there – then you’ll do what has to be done, not to be really extroverted but to be less introverted.

        Being an introvert might be a safe haven – and I know it can be and it is so tempting to stay in that space… as the world leaves you behind. In those introverted moments when you’re asking yourself what you’ve done in your life and you see that you haven’t done anything that you could have done, well, if that doesn’t motivate you out of that shell, I’m not sure what will.

        I couldn’t stay in that space so I got the hell out. It’s hard being introverted because of what it won’t allow you to do but, then again, it’s easy because all you (not you, Ellen) have to do is nothing or just the barest minimum. An introverted person can change… if they really want to; it is not impossible.


  2. thesumoflifeisthetotal says:

    Although I laughed at a lot of things that you wrote because I can so relate to thinking many of them, I do benefit from getting out, spending time with my horse, going out for dinner, seeing a concert. I get what you’re saying but I do agree that you’re missing out on some very simple life moments…like finding well worn sea glass on the beach, having a horse touch his nose to yours, watching a camp fire’s glowing embers. These are simple things that don’t require many people, if any….


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