How I see myself

I see myself as a short, fat woman with reddish brown hair. I’m shy in person, but a smart ass on Twitter. I don’t think of myself as being particularly memorable. I was just having a conversation with someone on Twitter about being recognized.

We were both at the Miami Dolphins vs the Jets game at MetLife Stadium. It was as part of a group called DolfansNYC. There were almost a 1,000 Dolphins fans sitting in one area. Anyway, we had a tailgate party before the game. A few people from Twitter came up to me, and introduced themselves because they recognized me. I hadn’t met any of them in person before. I was pretty surprised. I know I post alot on Twitter, but I was kind of shocked that anyone would know me.

Also today, I posted that I unfollowed a few people. A couple of people mentioned they were glad that I was still following them. I’m actually surprised anyone would care or not. People may not actually interact with me, but I guess they like what I post.

So, I see myself as shy and uninteresting. But I’ve had several people tell me that I make them laugh, they like the pictures I post or I’ve helped them feel better about themselves. I’ve had a few people tell me that it makes their work day go by faster when I tweet.

I see myself as boring, but I know I’m not. If people didn’t like talking to me, I wouldn’t constantly be being suspended from Direct Messages.

I don’t know what my point is exactly. This isn’t an English class, and I don’t have to have a perfectly thought out paper. I guess I don’t think of myself as worthy of anyone’s attention, but I have it any way. I’m just me, with my smart ass attitude. I don’t have to show body parts to get attention. I just love to make people laugh, or to think. I guess it doesn’t matter how I see myself, the self I see reflected back at me I like. I like knowing I caused a smile or a belly laugh. I like knowing I can start conversations.

P.S. I’m not trolling for new followers, but my Twitter name is @Delaware_Dolfan if anyone cares.


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