Ghosts and other weird things

My life is long stretches of boredom broken up by weird events. One such event was that I saw a ghost. A month or two after my mother in law passed away, I was sitting in the living room. I looked towards the hallway, and I saw a figure in blue with gray hair walk by the mirror. I asked my husband if that was him. He said he hadn’t moved from the den. The figure was moving towards the den. I came to the conclusion that it was my mother in law.

That was the only time I ever saw something. But I have heard sounds, I heard my name called when I was alone, and I’ve smelled cigarette smoke (my father in law died from lung cancer). My husband has heard sounds, and he said saw one weird thing.

My sister in law came here to stay with their mom while my husband and I went out of town. As soon as we stepped in the door, she practically ran out of the house. She called me later, and told me that she had been asleep, but that it felt like someone grabbed her by her shoulders and shook her awake. When she woke up, no one was there. It scared her pretty bad.

I think there is something in this house, but I don’t think it’s constant, and I don’t think it’s malicious. I have never felt afraid of it. In fact, there is one sound that resembles the sound of a ball dropping on the floor. I used to have a dog who was completely obsessed with tennis balls. He could chase them all day long. It’s kind of comforting to think he might come to visit.

Another odd thing that happened to me: in 1989, I had a dream that later came true. In the dream, I was at an air show at a military base. There was this explosion in the sky, and pieces of debris started falling down into the crowd. People ran around in panic. A few months later, there were two planes that collided in mid air at an air show at a military base in Germany. Watching the video clips of the event was like reliving my dream. It was pretty bizarre.

The same month I had that dream, I was at work and happened to notice the beautiful sunset. I got hit with this bizarre feeling that someone who was connected to my family was going to die. The following morning, I got up to let my dog outside. The first thing my mom said to me was, “Patrick died”. Patrick was the newborn baby of a friend of our family’s. He died of SIDS. That was extremely strange.

I’m not claiming to be psychic, but I’ve had some odd things happen. I could think of someone I hadn’t thought of in a long time, and they suddenly show up. I could be singing a song, turn on the radio, and that song pops up at exactly the point I left off. One time I had candles in my car, and I don’t remember why I even had them there. But there was a police chase, the guy fleeing hit a sign pole and knocked out the power where I worked. And I just so happened to have candles….

There have been other odd things (my post, Trust Your Instincts) that have happened. One thing I observed happened the day before Hurricane Andrew hit south Dade County in Florida. I was outside picking up stuff to put away because we were under a hurricane warning. While I was out there, I noticed how silent it was. If you’ve ever been to south Florida, you can notice that it is never silent. There are always, bugs, birds, lizards and other wildlife. But it deadly quiet. I knew then it was coming, and it was going to be bad. It turned out to be a category 5 kind of bad.

I’m not claiming anything, except that this stuff happened to me or was told to me.



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