No turning back

Well, I went ahead and posted my piece (see previous post) on Facebook. There is no turning back or hiding now. I have no idea the reactions I will get, or how many people will unfriend me. I’m done hiding. I’ve been hiding my entire life, and I’m not going to do it anymore.

I am not trying to be confrontational. I just want to know who stands by me, and who doesn’t. Most people just don’t understand. They really think it’s a choice. Honestly, who chooses to feel this way? I’ve been crying all day.

I thought it would be a relief, but it isn’t. I just opened up an entirely new can of worms. Well, onward and upward. I just pray I have the strength to not fold.


9 thoughts on “No turning back

  1. Folding, like failure, is not an option. I gotta tell ya, it’s only a relief when everyone gets told and you get done sorting through all the reactions and you come out the other side, still proud of who and what you are. You’re very brave; I’m out and all that and I would NEVER use Facebook to reveal my sexuality to anyone. But, as you say, you’ll find out who’s on your side and who isn’t and this is important to know.

    Stay strong!


    • I have a rather large, spread out family. I just don’t have the energy to tell them all. Not that they need to know, but I don’t feel like tip toeing around the subject. I’m blunt and to the point, and that got the job done.


  2. Well I just posted on your other one and hadn’t made it to this yet. I’m happy you let it out. It will be better over time and now you will know the people you really want to have in your life.


  3. Marcus says:

    I love reading what you write, I enjoy the blog. And never hide. I’m glad you came true to yourself. I never judge you either but you know that.


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