Being an introvert.

I’ve always been shy, and pretty much an introvert. I was happier reading a book in the tree in my backyard than I was playing with other kids. My parents couldn’t send me to my room as punishment, because I was usually there anyway.

I’m still pretty shy and awkward. But with the internet, at least I can interact with people and not feel threatened by it. Online, I can be an extrovert and a smart ass. In person, I never know what to say.

There is nothing wrong with being an introvert. If everyone was the bubbly, cheerleader type, the world would get really annoying. Some of us like to sit back and observe, instead of being the center of attention.

Introverts require alone time. We need time to recharge, because people drain us. When we take breaks at work, we want to be left alone. Don’t speak to us unless we speak first.

I’m a loner by nature. Luckily, I found another loner to love. We can be alone, together.

I’m an introvert, but I’m also shy. That makes it difficult sometimes. Many introverts choose not to interact with others, shy people have a hard time expressing themselves.

Introverts are deep thinkers. We’re usually the ones contemplating the mysteries of the universe. We’re the ones who look for solutions to problems. We’re the ones who can sit silently, and just be a friend.

The universe is a series of balances. Some people are always on, and others are usually quiet. We need both types of people. And some people are both extroverts and introverts, depending on the situation. Just be whatever it is you are. Image



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